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Time killer


Fantastic, with two caveats

Really a great game, it’s a unique idea and it’s implemented very well. Casual, but clever. A little addictive, “just one more card”, at least in the first run through. That’s the basis of one complaint, though. The first run is one of discovery, the second is a little more strategic because you know the effect of your decisions for most of the cards. But it would be better if there was a little more variety in which cards are available based on your decisions. There is some of that, cards get added if you choose to meet certain characters, but ideally this would happen a lot more often so there’s still more to discover in later playthroughs. I haven’t “won” yet and I’m not sure how many more playthroughs I’m going to bother with to get there because it is becoming a little too repetitive. My other complaint is that progress is only saved when a new king begins his reign. Leaving the game for more than a few minutes means starting back at the beginning of that Kong’s reign, which can be annoying (although I suppose it can be useful, like going back to a save). I’d like to see the option to save progress mid-reign.

Love it

Simple, Always leaves me saying “Well I guess ill play ONE MORE TIME” thing is, I’ll say that like 10 times.

I like this game, but

I want to love this game… But it is to random. Your decisions don’t seem to have a predictable outcome. You have no idea whether the outcome is going to be good or bad it’s pretty ambiguous. Which is quite frustrating. I don’t think I’ve been able to live more than 15 years in this game (which is only 15 decisions which takes about 5 minutes.) That being said it is a fun game. I just can’t seem to get very far in the game sometimes just for decisions and then I’m dead and I didn’t really seem like there was an obvious answer. Note to the developers: When you make a decision-there is a small or large circle above. It would be great to see if that circle was green or red to know how they’re going to handle it. It’s not taking the fun out of the game it’s taking the frustration out. Also it would be nice if you could add a little more variety to the sayings to help distinguish one reign from the next. It would be also neat if you could add a swipe up or down to add choices. Instead of just yes no right or left. Perhaps those choices could be more or less extreme. I.e. swipe up strongly agree swipe right slightly agree swipe left slightly disagree swipe down strongly disagree Or something.

Fun Plot but not the best

The plot is very fun but when i had to restart instead of continuing i got really sad i would like if the cancel would let you play again.

The king is gone

I want to keep playing, as I still didn’t unlock all the cards. How to do?

Amazing but...

I love this game... it’s as simple as that. However I don’t feel as if it’s a 99 cent game when it has the qualities of a free game. It’s really fun however and I definitely recommend it.

Always in landscape

I love the game but it always opens in landscape, I want to play in portrait but the game always opens in landscape. I have tried turning screen lock on and off, Re-downloding the app, and restarting my phone, but nothing works, the experience just isn’t the same in landscape :(

Time waster

That’s pretty much the extent of it. Meh.

Almost perfect

I love this game, its simple and witty. It can keep me entertained for a long time. I understand if some things can be a but repetitive, but none the less its still entertaining. I would gladly change my review to 5 stars if they can optimize portrait mode for iphone XS Max.

Love the game, bugged on Xs max

Game is great, but locks to landscape mode for some reason on my xs max. Really enjoyed having a portrait mode game in my arsenal. I know, small gripe

Forced Landscape Ruined It

The game itself is great, but the latest update forces landscape mode on my iPhone XS Max. Now i can’t play with one hand and the text is also minuscule with a ton of wasted space.

A Royal Mess

The initial design is very appealing, which is why it gets two stars. It's cute... on a first playthrough, before it gets repetitive. However. Heaven help you if you try to make your kingdom prosper, because having any power prosper TOO MUCH causes them to overthrow you. Too much money? You die in a tragic party accident. Too happy a populace? The mob storms the gates and... adores you, even though they depose you. The theocratic revolts and military coups at least make sense, but the other two were absolutely phoned in. So you MUST pursue mediocrity to the point of actively sabotaging your own progress, including deliberately starving your populace when you could easily feed them. But that's not all! In a triumph of fake difficulty, the game shows you how much impact decisions will have, but not in what DIRECTION. So you must learn through trial and error whether this decision will increase or decrease a given stat - not always obvious - while suffering deaths by starving peasants or... too-happy peasants. Brilliant. This, however, is at least not RNG. What IS RNG is visiting the castle dungeon, which has a semi-random internal structure. Said dungeon must be traversed successfully TWICE in order to get the good ending, WHILE getting a randomly-available bonus item WHILE on a timer of constantly-draining stat bars. As said dungeon is randomly available, you may only gain access while one stat is low, causing ignominious death even with perfect execution. You are never actually told of the bonus item's existence unless you get it, and it's quite possible (indeed, probable) to reach the exit and return to your reign without seeing it, so you may end up repeatedly traversing the dungeon without having any idea that the randomly-encountered skeleton (who may also kill you in a semi-random duel, though you can drive the odds of a loss quite low with practice) is ANYTHING but a gag character. The riddle allowing you to find the correct path through the dungeon is also quite obtuse unless you're really, really bored. (I thought it was warning me about in-game events and was confused when the mentioned dates passed without any. Turns out you're supposed to look at the timeline screen... normally only available right after you die...) So suppose you look up a guide, as I did, after a frustrating and eventually boring first playthrough. Well, essential events can flat-out refuse to trigger. I will detail that in a moment, but first... Recommendation: DO NOT BUY. Look up a Let's Play if you must. How did this get so many 5-star reviews?! Now begin the SPOILERS. -SPOILERS- I got the vase and the witch and started a crusade. Well, the witch apparently can't offer the Ruby while you're on crusade, because she never triggered that event line in about a century of crusading, despite triggering it on my first playthrough soon after I got her. Eventually the damned DOG took pity on me and brought me the Ruby. Kudos at least for safeguards against progress-jamming. And then the event that triggers while you're on crusade never went off, so I had to stop that one and start ANOTHER crusade before it worked. But the witch eventually came through, because she triggered the event line after THAT crusade and we went through the same song and dance routine, including the same event on a third crusade. Uh... I can understand having the option to get another strawberry plant if it gets squeezed out before you visit the skeleton again, but shouldn't that quest line just shut off if you've delivered it to him? It serves no other purpose. And here's the worst offense that made me review. The devil only arrives every 666 years. I missed the second arrival because the dungeon RNG didn't line up for a second successful visit in time. So I was forced to wait OVER FOUR HUNDRED YEARS to complete the game. That's over four hundred turns of just faffing about, accidentally revealing the terrorists, and mostly just churning through kings while waiting. How in the WORLD is that good game design? The devil's deal doesn't even really WORK for most NPCs, as non-event-chain ones will be replaced by identical NPCs with different names. What is the point of a shocking decision like that if there are no consequences? In fairness, the True Pacifist ending is apparently achieved by never activating the deal, so it really only takes ONE hundred years of pure tedium to win if you're savvy about it. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the supposed focus of the game in the first place! Hooray! -END SPOILERS-

Repetitive. Pointless.

The basic idea is, the game randomly shows you events and gives you two options to choose from, where your choices will affect the status (eg happiness of your people) of your state or trigger a storyline. The randomness and the degree of freedom might seem great but once you start you will find it actually boring in five minutes. The problems are: 1) The supposedly random events get repeated again and again. 2) Your actions have unpredictable consequences which is frustrating because you might get killed no matter how hard you try to make the “right” choice. If you get killed no matter what, why bother thinking before you choose? So you end up just swiping pointlessly. 3) The storylines, like all other events in the game, progress in an unpredictable, unreasonable and meaningless way.

Waste of time and money

It sure what this game is... there doesn’t seem to be much logic behind the game. The game seems to be based on the humor of a middle schooler. Sometimes you randomly die for no reason - I guess that’s realistic, but it’s dumb. So arbitrary.

Amazing, worth the money, but needs more content

Ok, to start this is definitely not a negative review. I really enjoy reigns and play it a lot but I wish there was more content. I highly recommend the download but this game has monumental potential to be something even greater. Reigns is great for any type of gamer wether you are good at games or not. The game will have you hooked with its unique storyline and twists the moment you start. The game has some of the smoothest mechanics in a strategy game that I’ve seen in a long time. Here’s what I think should happen. I would like to have more content in reigns, wether it would be in the form of DLC or in game content. Whichever you prefer would be fine. I hope you have a great development career ahead Long live the developers!


If I get too rich I die... 🤔

Apple App Store crybabies

Keep deleting, I keep reposting :)

Great game but needs work.

I love the game but what they say messed up sometimes instead of English they were saying gibberish.Other than that it was a awesome 👏 game I love it.

Get It

Thats all

No common sense at all

“The population is scared by the terrorists! Please, suspend the payment of taxes this year.” Uh, how do you expect that to solve anything? You don’t ask a kingdom for help, and suddenly, everyone dies. “I saw strange lights in the kingdom last night. Maybe it’s a sign that my destiny is to rule this kingdom.” Yeah, then a monk says scholars are convinced and that it’s a miracle. You don’t adopt a son, and your military gets stronger. The citizens get freaky with each other every time you work with other countries, because the population increases every time. The list goes on and on and on and on. The developers used no common sense in any aspect of this game. Plus, the voices are annoying as can be. A breathy “BLOHCHEWDASKOO” or “BLEEKHEHLEH” for example. Is that a language? Not even close. USE. COMMON. SENSE.


I liked it lots still think it be awesome to play on my Apple Watch instead of just my phone

@mosleading review

@the guy calling the review misleading... the game actually does have a story, it just takes strategy and understanding the pattern of events to dive through the story. The cards are “a mish mash” because that’s just how life works, but the king and the devil actually have character progression, a plot, and honestly it’s pretty intense and entangling. Admittedly gave up a hundred times because I’m dumb, but after you get what you’re doing because you actually READ THE DIRECTIONS and get the hints, you actually have a great time

Really Good

I really liked the game, I alteady finished with all endings, got all deads,all titles except 200 years ruling, and now I’m trying to see all cards in the game. I want to ask how many cards exactly are in the game. I got 860 and it’s not still all. Can you give me a hint to where to look at for other cards?

Agreed misleading reviews

I bought this because of the great reviews. I’m now wondering if Where I missed out. Not impressed. This isn’t a game. If it’s a choose your own adventure the lessons on cause effect were missed.

Boring random garbage

Title says it all. What I waste.


The game mechanic is ridiculously simple. Basically, you get a random event and make one of 2 selections, which leads one or few of your 4 parameters to grow or drop. When one of the parameter is too high or too low - you lose. The is no real story, development or consequences.

Repetitive random tasks

This game requires a lot of random swiping left and right. It gets repetitive since you can’t control what happens. There is a loose plot but most decisions are random. There’s not even instructions about how to play. I felt this was a waste of time.


GREAT GAME YUM YUM SKELETON ROOM= torch+fire+arsenic+wall+pentagram+devil

very unusual...

...and a lot of fun. Don’t expect this to be a straight-forward game and you’ll probably have a lot of fun. Unless you’re a sour-puss, like certain reviewers here...

Great Game! Well Worth The Money

I've seen this game before a few other times, and I got curious, so I bought it. Ever since the first swipe, I loved this game. It looks straightforward, but there is so many things you can do, and a very interesting story, especially when you go for the good ending. I won't spoil anything about the story but I will say that you will need some paper to write on if you go for the good ending. The humor is great, and it has some pretty funny moments. (Like the Dragon cards) I've beaten this game about six times and I know how to get Excalibur, the good ending, and most of the achievements. I love the fencing mechanic, and the great insults during the fight. And by the way, there are about 29 deaths in the game, and I have discovered 27 of them. It will take a while to 100% complete, but it's a good achievement. I would recommend this to anybody with a few dollars and thinks this game looks interesting.

not very entertaining

I got bored in 10 mins. It doesn’t involve that much strategy. The plot is not funny either.

Zero stars!

This is a massive waste of money. It should be a free game because it has no point, no continuity, no rewards and most importantly, no fun! I feel cheated for buying it. I wish I could get a refund. I don’t see how this piece of garbage game won the awards they claim it did.

Binary Choices, Boring Consequences

This game had such great reviews, I decided to give it a try, but it's quite tedious and repeditive. It's simply a series of binary choices and really mundane objectives. It's akin to a text based game from the 80's, but far less interesting. And it has this really odd obsession with the devil. Save your money and your time, this game is a real stinker.

How is this getting good reviews

Ill tell you what this game is, its a bunch of random questions that make no sense. Its not an rpg, there is no story. You juggle meters that move up or down depending on how you answer the questions. Game is over if one of the meters gets too low. Its boring and i deleted it after a couple plays.

I wouldn’t recommend this game

The game has arbitrary consequences that don’t make sense as you play. There is no really story line. Additionally, I believe this game is homophobic. If you end up in a homosexual relationship the consequences that follow force you to be killed each time.


Please bring this to the Apple Watch. PLLLLEEEAAASSEEEEEE. It would be perfect!!!!


I love this app and I want more reigns!

Don’t listen

Don’t listen to all these people here. It isn’t that bad. It’s actually good, next to Her Majesty. 11/10 would reccomend.

Not what you think...

So I got this as a recommendation from a friend, but it was not worth my money! Contrary to popular belief, your choices DO have consequences in this game, and the cards can seem random at times but there is a subtle storyline in it. Would not recommend for kids under 12 as there is some language from some of the characters and several of the characters are... suggestive... in nature. Also, I finished this with about 9 hours of gameplay; it’s too short, and once you’re done, that’s that. Overall, fun game, I enjoyed the challenge, but it should’ve been free 😕


The construction and writing in this game are fantastic! Playing through repeatedly is rewarding as you unlock new deaths and scenarios. Highly recommended!!

I have no words.

If you are a history nerd like me, then you will love this game. It just brings a whole new feel of luck and making sure your king doesn’t die.i have been playing for a month and i am still addicted. I have a suggestion for a massive update for the future. I think you should be able to enter a new era like the renaissance or the modern ages. Like I said this is just awesome.

There’s a story here... it’s just hidden

There is a storyline if you pay attention, but it’s hard to figure out, and when you do you still have to play a few rounds before you get to make the next meaningful decision. It’s a good game, and I don’t regret buying it: but be prepared to pay attention, and be patient.


I’m in my second kingdom and i just met the barbarian and I’ve entered a loop. No matter what I do It keeps giving me the same options. Everything I do it says it charms the barbarian and I’m not telling the translator guy to leave. It clearly is making me do something that hurts my kingdom in some way which is bs. Clearly why have set it up so you can’t get past a certain amount of years until you have died a certain amount of times. I wish I could get my money back since clearly the decisions you make don’t even matter.


Some of the cards are offensive. In one of them, from a male courtier early on, the description is that he “likes being face down, if you know what [he] means.” Next seg nudge wink wink?! I’m not sure what the merit is of having that failed “joke” in there.

Amazing For A Strange Concept

It took me a while to understand this game, and truthfully I didn’t commit to paying 3 dollars for it for many months and only played it on my friend’s phone. It took observing him understanding the consequences, story, goals, and progress for me to become invested. It seems empty and bland, but it takes noticing small changes and remembering conversations to understand the plot. And yes, it is HEAVILY effected by the player’s decisions. (It has three endings based on those decisions; it really has four if you count never figuring it out as an ending) By the end I was heartbroken I couldn’t play any more. This game is not for everyone but for those who do enjoy it will be completely enchanted.

Ecks Dee

When I was asked to rate it and said yes it boosted my stats to anarchy and I lost kek

Fun Game of Chance

I’m not sure why anyone is giving this game a bad review. The pictures and description tell you exactly what to expect from this game. The more cards you unlock, the more vast your story can become. You will ALWAYS die no matter what. That’s the point of the game. HOWEVER, you can rule wisely and die of old age. That is how you “beat” the game so to speak. My advice is quit being so serious and enjoy the satire. This game is supposed to be comical and once again, you are SUPPOSED to die. I think it’s worth the price.

Apple Watch support

First off this is a great game with a surprising amount of depth for what it is. A real gem. I would love if you guys could figure out a way to make it work with the watch. Would be so amazing for quick plays while waiting around for a minute or two and not wanting to pull your phone out. There's so few good games for the watch and this would be a great addition.

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