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I love this app and I want more reigns!

Don’t listen

Don’t listen to all these people here. It isn’t that bad. It’s actually good, next to Her Majesty. 11/10 would reccomend.

Not what you think...

So I got this as a recommendation from a friend, but it was not worth my money! Contrary to popular belief, your choices DO have consequences in this game, and the cards can seem random at times but there is a subtle storyline in it. Would not recommend for kids under 12 as there is some language from some of the characters and several of the characters are... suggestive... in nature. Also, I finished this with about 9 hours of gameplay; it’s too short, and once you’re done, that’s that. Overall, fun game, I enjoyed the challenge, but it should’ve been free 😕


The construction and writing in this game are fantastic! Playing through repeatedly is rewarding as you unlock new deaths and scenarios. Highly recommended!!

I have no words.

If you are a history nerd like me, then you will love this game. It just brings a whole new feel of luck and making sure your king doesn’t die.i have been playing for a month and i am still addicted. I have a suggestion for a massive update for the future. I think you should be able to enter a new era like the renaissance or the modern ages. Like I said this is just awesome.

There’s a story here... it’s just hidden

There is a storyline if you pay attention, but it’s hard to figure out, and when you do you still have to play a few rounds before you get to make the next meaningful decision. It’s a good game, and I don’t regret buying it: but be prepared to pay attention, and be patient.


I’m in my second kingdom and i just met the barbarian and I’ve entered a loop. No matter what I do It keeps giving me the same options. Everything I do it says it charms the barbarian and I’m not telling the translator guy to leave. It clearly is making me do something that hurts my kingdom in some way which is bs. Clearly why have set it up so you can’t get past a certain amount of years until you have died a certain amount of times. I wish I could get my money back since clearly the decisions you make don’t even matter.


Some of the cards are offensive. In one of them, from a male courtier early on, the description is that he “likes being face down, if you know what [he] means.” Next seg nudge wink wink?! I’m not sure what the merit is of having that failed “joke” in there.

Amazing For A Strange Concept

It took me a while to understand this game, and truthfully I didn’t commit to paying 3 dollars for it for many months and only played it on my friend’s phone. It took observing him understanding the consequences, story, goals, and progress for me to become invested. It seems empty and bland, but it takes noticing small changes and remembering conversations to understand the plot. And yes, it is HEAVILY effected by the player’s decisions. (It has three endings based on those decisions; it really has four if you count never figuring it out as an ending) By the end I was heartbroken I couldn’t play any more. This game is not for everyone but for those who do enjoy it will be completely enchanted.

Ecks Dee

When I was asked to rate it and said yes it boosted my stats to anarchy and I lost kek

Fun Game of Chance

I’m not sure why anyone is giving this game a bad review. The pictures and description tell you exactly what to expect from this game. The more cards you unlock, the more vast your story can become. You will ALWAYS die no matter what. That’s the point of the game. HOWEVER, you can rule wisely and die of old age. That is how you “beat” the game so to speak. My advice is quit being so serious and enjoy the satire. This game is supposed to be comical and once again, you are SUPPOSED to die. I think it’s worth the price.

Apple Watch support

First off this is a great game with a surprising amount of depth for what it is. A real gem. I would love if you guys could figure out a way to make it work with the watch. Would be so amazing for quick plays while waiting around for a minute or two and not wanting to pull your phone out. There's so few good games for the watch and this would be a great addition.

little rhyme or reason

this is not a pick your own adventure kind of thing. you just pick the response you think will best affect the 4 things (idek what to call them). however, it's so hard to tell if the answer will positively or negatively affect them. I thought maybe once I played it a while I would understand it better but nope it's still just as confusing. its nice visually but that doesn't make up for it's unplayability. huge waste of money.


I have been meaning to play this game for a long time but it is not what I expected so wow I love games that make me say wow

You can’t be serious!

I wonder how this apparently simple game should get a lot of fuss, is it about money? How much have the developers do you think might have paid to be in the spotlight? Practically speaking, the game has its own untold rules, affecting your throne-keeping time in a way that is not revealed unless after making a choice: pretty experimental I’d say. So if you’re bored, I’d say there’s much better choices that can entertain you much better than this, in my view, Game-of-Thrones-heat-exploiter.

Amazing games with many hidden jokes.

This gam did incredible and fun. Some times I haven’t been able to tear myself away from it. Also 10/10 on the Trump jokes with the birds.


My favorite game app I’ve ever had. I get bored of and delete other game apps within weeks, but I’ve had it for about a year and still play it from time to time. Its entertaining, intriguing, and a great time waster when your bored, on a road trip, at the DMV, exc. The app has lots of cool little details and theres always something new to be discovered every time I play.

Its nice

It has a story about as useful as sandpaper at a beach, but in this game what really matters is to try over and over with an attitude completely different then your last play through.

Freezes but fun game

I love this game but it keeps freezing on me and makes me unable to play it. I have an iPhone SE


It was dark. I see myself now. I see others for them true selves also. Ashamed sight did not return sooner.

This game Does have a story

Not getting far enough in to the game to see the story is not the same as it not having one

Hell yeah!

1st off, im grateful the dev didn't just edit someone else's code... it is truly unique on a scale of originality compared to Monument Valley 1 and 2. I love the randomness of it, and i love how it exercises my brain, instead of dehumanizing it like most “crush saga’s” do... *cough cough*. Wake up world, we are wiping ourselves out, one device at a time, one 3D printer, one robot at a time.. AI kills Thank you dev for stimulating me!


Good game. Get old after a while but fun time waster. With there was a bit more variety in the cards though.

It is so dumb of it RESTARTS EVERYTHING

It is really fun and addicting but it is so heartbreaking when you don't break the curse and you fail. It just ticks me off.


This game was decent, but I can’t say anything about the next one. In my experience games run by SJW feminists are always ruined, like the incompetent feminist swuad that made Mass Effect Andromeda.

Wonderful game for phone

I own this on Android and iOS. Perfect for a phone. Simple UI. Game can even be played for a minute or two. Quirky.

Great game with fun choices.

This game is great to play on public transports. The king lives (the actual game) can be super short to pretty long. (Ranging from few years (couple seconds) to a full long life (10-20 minuets) ) and the best part is that even tho the main game is about the short life’s of kings and prett much each time u start a new kings life the game starts a new. There is actually an overall story that progresses along the family tree from king to king. Things that can actually speed up the demise or success of your current king. Hope my explanation confused enough people to actually give this game a fair try...cuz it’s AMAZING AF!!!🔥💯

Some options don’t make sense

This game has no real story, don’t get confused about that. It’s “pick y so you get x, sometimes later”. Choices connect in superficial ways: resources. And some decisions result in outcomes that make no sense. Like you would expect it to be beneficial but it is not, for no apparent reason.

Like Dictator but Better

I really enjoy playing this game. I just read about how convoluted and complicated it can be to "win" the game, but I don't care. I'm not even trying to win.

Skeleton in the dungeon is OP/a wizard plz nerf

While in a dungeon I met a skeleton and my first move was to defend and it showed my shield was raised but the skeleton ended up lunging and stabbing straight through and I died

Good game

Thee game is a good game but becomes repetitive if you play often or in long sessions reducing in appeal over time . I feel this could be helped by adding a slightly different style of cards as time goes for different eras. Not new technologies or historical correspondence but new scenarios as the timeline progresses rather than only adding at the beginning or when you meet new characters.

Biggest waste of money

Shouldn’t be able to charge for this. Mad I got suckered in to paying for it. Horrible game.

Super good game

It is a very mid evil and awesome game the whole world revolves around your choices.And I just love how there is like over 50 problems, deaths, and people.👍🏻👍🏻🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Great Game

Very interesting game

Oddly satisfying

I’ve had this game on my phone for several months now, I’ve played through several times, and I’ll be damned if there isn’t something that’s still so oddly gratifying that I still play it. You don’t know me, but in my life that’s some longevity. 2 Thumbs up. Now add more content.

If I could refund,

If I could get a refund of this game I would cuz after few hours of playing, I dont feel like playing it again. Sure I had fun for the first two hours but for this price? Not fair.

Great and fun game for history lovers!

I've only had this game for one night and I'm already in love with it! What a neat concept, to effectively play as a dynasty of kings! One that could last for over 1,000 years, as mine did! I could hardly tear myself away. It seems random and a little repetitive, but life can be like that, even for kings. You start in the early 7th century, and I made it past the turn of the 21st century. Every choose you make affects your kingdom, and while there are several ways to lose your throne (and your life), is IS possible to get a good ending! Cool idea, that you can play as all these kings, even if it is a little anachronistic to have a medieval style court long past that era. Try it- you won't regret it!

A compelling experience reducible to decision trees

In a simplistic determined model of interactions. The game reign shines as it provides a curious insightful narrative woven in a game mechanic that is essentially commentary on how simple and discriminatory some of our most popular relational (speaking of Tinder) institutions are. In this game the ability to control relationships is turn upside down. The volition and powers the NPC have end up controlling you. Your only chance of survival is routinely memorizing patterns for swiping and prompts to succeed at a certain narrative branch. Once a branch is complete, it only opens up more. Pivotal concepts in this conversation are life, death, control, and legacy.

A fun simple game.

I do like this game, it’s great for a casual experience. The animation is good and the premise very simple. You have four indications and are presented with two choices that can affect them either positively or negatively, drop to low and you die. The goal is to reign for as long as possible. Very straight forward. This game is not an story of character driven experience, it’s basically randomly generated encounters. Basically a card game with new situations and encounters being created each play but no real continuity. That said, it does have some charming humor and light hearted silliness, but it does have one thing that could be improved which could VASTLY IMPROVE GAMEPLAY, plus would make me give it 4-5 stars if they could update it with this. They need to color code or in some way indicate how a decision will impact a section positively or negatively, as it stands now all it tells you is which area will be affected and by how much, not (and very importantly) if it will decrease or increase that section. I’ve lost many times because I couldn’t tell if the decision was going to make an area I was already low on increase or decrease. It’s also not always intuitive so you may think it would logically result in a positive reaction but can just as easily result in a negative reaction that could be enough to make you lose the game. As a result, it prevents you from developing a strategy or at least tactically dealing with things as they come up. That one thing right there makes the game not live up to its potential. There are other mechanics and ideas that they could incorporate as others have suggested but I think one as simple as mine could really improve game play and is a minor tweak. If you made it this far in the review then I think you will know whether this game is for you or not. It’s an “ok” casual iOS game to kill time but could be better with just some minor improvements.

Good, unless you’re trying to win

This game does have a story and an ending, contrary to what some people think. The problem is that it takes forever to get there. And it’s pretty difficult to get a good ending in my opinion—I had to look up how to accomplish it. Plus, the game begins to drag on after a while since the choices you are given tend to repeat themselves. However, the game was super fun when I first got it. If you know what you’re doing or are not playing for an extended period of time, you should definitely look into this game.


Frozen blood quest not completing

Great Massively addicting

It answers Jerusalem’s call for glory!

Worth a Try

A fun little game in the vein of Sort the Court. The characters are fun, the choices are varied, and you might even manage to outwit the devil. My biggest criticism really is that the Pungeon (or whatever it was called) was a little too hard for me to navigate.



Truly Great

I have played this game for almost 2 years now! I love this game, you are a king and you must make choices, but there is more than what you may think. The choices you make will lead to other choices that are linked together. But this game is also a fight against the devil (I beat his by the way!) and you have to find a way to trick him and break the curse. This game is worth the money. I suggest everyone check it out. P.S. the top review is wrong, the choices do have consequences and lead to other choices that are linked together!


I love this game. It is very simple but addicting. You play through the time of different Kong’s and survive as long as you can. It also has a weird story. I would recommend this to anyone.👍🏻

Yeah, right

Most overrated app of all time

Misleading reviews agreed

This app is in really, really stupid.

Was skeptical at first

After reading some reviews it was a little iffy, but after playing i have realized that this game is supper addictive. Play all the time, and never has gotten old. Played every day since I’ve gotten the game. There is strategy despite what some people say, and I laugh half the time I die even if it’s a similar death from before. Super light hearted and sand box fun. Definitely worth it if you are reading this and wondering if you should get it.

Verry good game

This is the best game to play while sitten on the toilet

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