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This card game is the best game ever. Get it now or you’ll regret it the rest of your life.

Best game

It's amazing

Strategy and humor

At first, it seems like the cards are disconnected. After a while of playing, you understand there are hints you need to pick up on to reach the objectives, and ways to use the in-game cards when they pop up so you will be prepared. There is also some luck, and there are ways to protect your character against bad luck. As you play, you learn more and more of these. The humor is obvious right from the beginning.


Definitely entertaining between calls at the JO...

Reminds me of Oregon Trail

Y’all remember that game ? It’s just like it

Cool game

It’s a cool game you should get nothing more

Real fun

Like the game. Its fun🙃👍

COMPLETELY ADDICTED but please change one thing

I live this game but im gaining tons of income, but now my game soans are 2-3 years because they keep throwing me a party!! >:( please change this so you say "what..." Or "no" or something because its so irritating thanks!

Great game

Fun and hard

Reigns Romp

While I'd like to see a lot more development in some areas (the mysterious Lady of the King, the finale, and better clue immersion to guide toward the true ending) Reigns is a hilarious and gripping game that accomplishes surprising immersion and commitment considering it's elegantly simple design. More than worth price of purchase.

Fun at first

Then it gets reaaaal repetitive. And some of the choices are just broken

Great game (suggestions)

This is an absolutely wonderful game, the only thing I would like is some way to see the people who have you make choices, and the decisions you made.


I am king

Can't wait for the new one

So insanely good can't wait for rings her majesty

So much fun

Really addictive, and well worth the price. Simple but fun

4 out of 5

Hard but fun


I never pt for iPhone games but this one is worth it.

repetitive and obscure

is there even a point to this game? you're just managing resources by making the same choices over and over and over and over until you die. i had to look up the "solution" to "solving" this game and it's so obscure that i doubt anyone would figure it out organically. cool art, bad game execution.

Fun and easy

Perfect game to pick up and put down

Initially entertaining, ultimately frustrating

Reigns is not a choose your own adventure or a story game in any sense. It's a puzzle game - where, Groundhog Day like, you relive events over and over and eventually get more clues to solve what's going on. For the first hour, I found this fun and funny - but once I had an inkling there was a larger puzzle to solve, the randomness of the game became actively frustrating. You can't progress in certain objectives without hitting triggers that may or may not come up, or may come up too late and you die before seeing them through. Also, the puzzle for solving the game is ultimately too clever by far - at least for this player - and ended with me swiping randomly, frustrated and angry, when I was unable to make progress.


This is honestly worth the money and I hope you can get it.

Find it sickening

I know the Medieval times were dark ages and that the Catholic religion can be grim but I hate it when you have a scientist and a archbishop disagree and totally become enemies. You are practically saying that science and religion don't agree which is sooo not true. Most scientists are actually religious! And most scientists go to church and make friends with religious people. But literally you are trying to teach young minds that scientists and religious people HATE each other like they are absolute enemies! Like they are having this massive war like in Star Wars or Romeo and Juliet. And it is so not true at all! In fact your trying to make them war! And look like they hate each other! I'm religious but I hope I marry a cute scientist when I grow up.

Super fun

Tinder with monarchies

Surprisingly Addictive

It's such a simple premise but the writing is continually engaging and the gradual addition of new cards keeps things fresh and interesting.

Fun and Funny

It's a really fun, really creative time waster.

Perfect for what it is.

I love mobile games like Reigns or Threes because you can spend hours or 30 seconds playing. Silly, fun, and addictively simple.

Fun game!

Worth the price!


No end game

New Favortite Game

Awesome game!! My new favorite

favorite game !!

this game is fun, creative and addictive. its probably my favorite game of all time



Great I love it every second is fun and a great time waster

Devolved digital always finds the best devs to make games.

5 stars!!

This game is great I love it, and I play it almost everyday day after school


Very irritating game.

Fantastic game

There's so much mystery in this game. I love games like this, it's so simply yet unbelievably complex. I play this in the car when I'm bored and it's always fun.

Pretty good game


Fun, time-consuming, and morally challenging.

I had a LOT of fun with this game. It got a little repetitive, but the over-arching story and the choices aspect made it an enjoying app and one that I've recommended to a lot of people.

It's good

It's good


Good and very very addicting


At this games core it is a arcade game. You try to rule as long as you can before repeating the process trying to get a higher score. The difference with this game is that there is actually a storyline and different ways to play. You can meet a witch you grow old and there are so many complex story archs that this makes a very infesting experience.


This game is very addictive because of the endless possibilities involved in it. I love how this game never truly is over!

Misleading reviews

Please do not be mislead by reviews comparing Reigns to a choose-your-own adventure game/story. Reigns is not a game or a story. The "choices" in Reigns are a random mishmash that have no continuity, no story, and more times than not lead to consequences that make no sense. Reigns is not a "game" because games have rules, not arbitrary consequences. Let me put it clearly, there is _no_ gaming or strategy here. You make a choice, it affects four "indicators" of your kingdom's health (often in nonsensical ways), then you make another completely disconnected choice, it has its affects, etc. Reigns is also not a story because stories have continuity, character development, a plot, etc., and there is none of that in Reigns. So this is not a game or a story, and certainly not a choose-your-own adventure. So long as you are not expecting an actual game or an actual story, you might be somewhat entertained by Reigns. Some of the choices and characters are supposed to be funny. However, most of the attempts at humor I didn't find very clever.

Too hard

I spent three hours trying to get the good ending to trick the devil I did everything right but still did not trick the devil DO NOT BUY

Un juego para tener en cuenta

Si lo tuyo es el ajedrez y cosas de ese estilo entonces este es el juego para ti. Los dibujos aunque sencillos son buenisimos


Just cool

Love it! Can i add a suggestion?

Maybe in the dungeon, instead of just sword room, you can add shield, maybe bow, possibly spear? And maybe instead of just skeletons in the dungeon you can add other monsters. Overall, one of my favorite games. Love aeneas & aenea

It good

It's a cool puzzling game that I love with choices that can kill u and make u live longer

Truly a creative game.

This is an amazing game for so many reasons, the mysteries, every 666, even the blue mushroom. This has so many decisions, which makes it feel like you're in the game. Truly a work of art.


Basically a game that consists of two answers at any given time but can take you down an interesting and unique reign every time. Will most likely have the military raise a coup against me again. Great buy.

At first

I happened to catch a snippet of someone playing it on television and thought it was a cute little game so I paid the three dollars on a whim thinking it would be mindless fun for a rainy day but this game isn't really "my cup of tea" personally it wasn't worth the three dollars and I wish I hadn't bought it.

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